Abhi's Bread

Abhi’s has provided fresh and organic sourdough breads since the 90′s. Established in South Fremantle, our products quickly reached cult status amongst locals and are now available across Perth in top restaurants, cafes and grocery stores.
Genuine bakers yeast free sourdough is still our core business, however we also provide a selection of organic , spelt, and gluten reduced breads ,sweets and yummy French inspired pastries.

What we Bake!

Yeasted loaves and rolls

Yeasted bread is a dough that has been raised with yeast. Yeast is a product that when combined with the right conditions, for example: warmth will produce carbon dioxide which will make a dough rise. Yeasted bread often has a light and fluffy texture and is ideal for using with soups and sandwiches.

Sourdough Loaves

Sourdough is a form of bread made with a lactobacillus starter culture. This is an ancient form of bread leavening and was used before the advent of yeast. Sourdough is so named for the slight tang that the bread will adopt due to the lactic acid produced by the starter culture. Abhis original starter culture began with fermented fruit and rye.

Cakes and Pastries

Abhi’s have a superb selection of cakes and pastries to suit any occasion and any mood. All of our cakes and pastries are made with organic flour and do come in a range of spelt, gluten reduced and gluten free items.


For those of us who do not have a sweet tooth or are looking for something a little more substantial, we have good news for you! On any given day we have several savoury items in store guaranteed to delight. Try these on for size…

Blog Posts

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